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The G.G.B. boyz, band was formed in January 2013. The name was inspired by three young men, who had a dream of taking our music to the next level. The three of us labored and built our own top class studio from the ground up, it took us about three months. Right after the completion of the studio, we began to work on our first two albums, The Streets Callin mix tape, which consist of many freestyles and collaborations between 242J-Money,Captain,an a former member of the group Ice. The mix tape has had good success seeing the fact that the G.G.B. Boyz did every part of the publishing mix an mastering and distribution of the cd completely independent. Next we focused on putting together 242 J-Money's album "Rags To Riches". This album has over an hour of interesting true short stories about the life of J-Money an some of the things he's been through in his life. Stories many people around the world can relate to, stuff that's happening everyday. Right now the G.G.B. Boyz consist of two male artist 242J-Money and El'Captain and one female solo artist Ann Marie  who puts the hooks on most of our song. The group may seem small but we have big dreams an aspirations for our team. we plane to travel the world to expose our talent and messages.