The ability to stay focus on my gold to be a successful music artist and entertainer in the Bahamas, comes with many obsticles and negative persuasions but being an independent artist determined to make it in the business which is filled with critics is a challenge! there are so many wana be artist in the world but I consider myself to be amongst the elite rappers around the world pushed by self motivation and my fans around the world , my mission is to make it on the billboard charts of the music world,and to perform on stages and arenas all over the us and Europe, so look here I come ,everyday I pray and continue to move towards my goals.

April 15th. marked another epic da in GGB history,.

As 242J-Money released his third mix tape album in the space of one year an two to three months, this goes to show !, That with Hard work anything  is possible !!

The album release party was a success ,

special thanks to all the many ggb fans that turn out that night, also like to thank the people out there who bought the album the first day on the road we had almost 300 sales and a 5 star fan feed back on the music.

the group has had many changes , some artist gave up on the team but were still in forward motion, el capitano is no longer apart of the ggb boyz he's on another path now, we wish him the best . special thanks to ggb members Ice man ,Folk Grizzy, Mr. anonamous, for all your hard work and dedication to our Executive Studio's Label,  and to our photographer seven ,. in life either you stand for something or you will fall for nothing, hard work and dedication equals success.!!




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