I, was born in 1980, in FREEPORT GRAND BAHAMA , the nation’s second city.
At the time I was an only child living with my mother in a single parent home. At the age of 9yrs old my mother and I moved to Nassau the capital, in search of a new life closer to the rest of my family. Before this time I never knew who my father was, even though my father was in my life now my mother still played a 95% role in my life. She showed me the way of life an what its all about. My mom worked very hard during my younger day, so I spent a lot of time bouncing throughout the lives of my aunts an uncles, learning and picking up many different trades and ideas, an personalities,! It was like they all were grooming me for the real world. I found my identity through the love of sports! I played for many different teams, played almost every sport, but my love was baseball and basketball. In these two sports I would excel an travel the world. I’ve been places like, Utah, Tennessee, Alabama, Daytona beach, north carolina, olando, Atlanta georgia, just about all over south florida playing ball. I graduated from C.I Gibson senior high school in 1999, where I spent the best of my years, its also where I got my stage name from. that’s right my pears in school from about grade nine the whole school either called me cardo or money, an it stayed with me ever since. My last year in school was alittle disappointing but as I look back as a man I thank the lord for the way my life turned out, because many people would probably thought I would have became a failure by the way things ended for me in school. I was one of the most popular students, an one of the most honored, had nine different scholarships to nine different foreign schools an a baby on the way by my high school sweetheart!!,. On November 20th. I watched my first born Talicia Archestia Ranesha Johnson enter the world, I held her in my arms just 5 seconds in the world her eyes were opened, she looked at me, she never cried I did, an from that moment on I made my decision to put all fun an games asides and made my way into society, that same year I left my mothers womb. I left the game of sports as a young teenager and the streets made me a man in an instant. Yeah I’ll not lie, I been locked up many times did many 48’s an I did a lot of wrongs in the past to feed my family but I always stayed focus. At the age of 21yrs old I had my own business!, EXECUTIVE JEWELLERS 2001. The hater scale blow off the charts, friends turned into enemies, I mean everybody was trying to put a scheme on me . I was robbed by gun point, shot at many time, followed by robbers, had a home invasion attempted robbery, been stabbed in the back with an ice pick, people already tried knocking me down intentionally off my motorbike an all, so you know I know all about ups an downs. I always had a love for music, my grand father Willie Wilson was a one man band, I would watch him rehearse an sing for me during my very early age in Freeport, an my mother was a dancer in the la cabrie theatre in Freeport so music is in my soul , she often tell people she danced with me in her belly for about , I think she said about 7 or 8 month. Now I have 4 kids ,1 son an 3 daughters , I was married finalizing the divorce, all of my kids live with me .But god has been great to me an sent me an angel just for me ,my last child’s mother Crystal Forbes one day Johnson has been good to me and she’s my ride or die. We are so much alike, yeah we have ups an downs but we enjoy life together. She’s part of what inspires me to sing. I’m the c.e.o of Executive Studio’s here in the Bahamas , I have over 8 singles mastered already, I’m an official B.M.I. registered artist, I have a band name the G.G.B.BOYZ aka./GO GET IT BOYZ, consist of right now 5 artist (RICARDO JOHNSON aka. J-MONEY , DEVARIO COLEBROOKE aka. Captain, WILFRED SIMON JR aka. Ice, an a mother daughter duo going as the heartfelt dynamic duo, so far we’ve dropped songs such as IN MY LIFE, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, LETS GO PARTY, GET YA SHINE ON, an many more soon to hit the streets of the 242. Currently we have underground sales going very well also. Sky is the limit!


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